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この人の、この1枚『ザ・フー(The Who)/BBC Sessions』

今日の「この人の、この1枚」はザ・フー(The Who)BBC Sessions』です。



今日は1999年リリースのBBC Sessions』です。1965年から1973年までの録音集です。


01.My Generation (Radio 1 Jingle)

02.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

03.Good Lovin'

04.Just You And Me, Darling

05.Leaving Here

06.My Generation

07.The Good's Gone

08.La La La Lies


10.Man With Money

11.Dancing In The Street


13.I'm A Boy

14.Run Run Run

15.Boris The Spider

16.Happy Jack

17.See My Way

18.Pictures Of Lily

19.A Quick One (While He's Away)


21.The Seeker

22.I'm Free

23.Shakin' All Over/Spoonful (Medley)


25.Long Live Rock

26.Boris The Spider (Radio 1 Jingle)



ジョン・エントウィッスル(John Entwistle - b,vo)

キース・ムーン(Keith Moon - ds)

ピート・タウンゼント(Pete Townshend - g ,key vo)

ロジャー・ダルトリー(Roger Daltrey - vo)


Recorded at:

De Lane Lea Studio, Kingsway, London. 10/10/67 (tracks 1, 18, 19, 26)

Aeolian Hall, Studio 2, London. 24/05/65 (track 2)

Aeolian Hall, Studio 2, London. 15/06/65 (track 3)

Aeolian Hall, Studio 1, London. 24/05/65 (track 4, 5)

Aeolian Hall, Studio 1, London. 22/11/65 (tracks 6 to 8)

Aeolian Hall, Studio 1, London. 15/03/66 (tracks 9 to 11)

The Playhouse. 13/09/66 (tracks 12, 13)

The Playhouse. 17/01/67 (tracks 14 to 17)

IBC Studios, London. 13/04/70 (tracks 20 to 23)

Presentation Studio B, Television Centre, Wood Lane, London. 29/01/73 (tracks 24, 25)


My Generation ("Top Gear" BBC Session Radio 1 Jingle)

Happy Jack ("Saturday Club" BBC Session)

A Quick One, While He's Away ("Top Gear" BBC Session)

I'm Free (The BBC Session)