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この人の、この1枚『フリートウッド・マック(Fleetwood Mac)/Live at the BBC』

今日の「この人の、この1枚」はフリートウッド・マック(Fleetwood Mac)『Live at the BBCです。





Disc one

01.Rattlesnake Shake

02.Sandy Mary

03.I Believe My Time Ain't Long

04.Although the Sun Is Shining

05.Only You

06.You Never Know What You're Missing

07.Oh Well

08.Can't Believe You Wanna Leave

09.Jenny Lee


11.When Will I Be Loved

12."When I See My Baby

13.Buddy's Song

14.Honey Hush


16.Jumping at Shadows

17.Preachin' Blues

18.Need Your Love So Bad


Disc two

01.Long Grey Mare

02.Sweet Home Chicago

03.Baby Please Set a Date

04.Blues with a Feeling

05.Stop Messin' Round

06.Tallahassee Lassie

07.Hang on to a Dream


09.Mean Mistreatin' Mama

10.World Keeps Turning

11.I Can't Hold Out

12.Early Morning Come


14.Looking for Somebody

15.A Fool No More

16.Got to Move

17.Like Crying Like Dying

18.Man of the World



ピーター・グリーン(Peter Green - g, vo)

ジェレミー・スペンサー(Jeremy Spencer - g, vo)

ダニー・カーワン(Danny Kirwan - g, vo)

ジョン・マクヴィー(John McVie - b)

ミック・フリートウッド(Mick Fleetwood - percn, ds)





fleetwood mac- baby please set a date

Fleetwood Mac - Hang on to a Dream

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