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この人の、この1枚『ロリー・ギャラガー(Rory Gallgher)/Live at Montreux』

今日の「この人の、この1枚」はロリー・ギャラガー(Rory Gallgher)『Live at Montreux』です。




01.Laundromat (1975) [from Rory Gallagher]

02.Toredown (Sonny Thompson) (1975)

03.I Take What I Want" (1977) [from Against the Grain]

04.Bought and Sold (1977) [from Against the Grain]

05.Do You Read Me (1977) [from Calling Card]

06.The Last of the Independents (1979) [from Photo-Finish]

07.Off The Handle (1979) [from Top Priority]

08.The Mississippi Sheiks (1979) [from Photo-Finish]

09.Out On The Western Plain (Huddie Ledbetter) (1979) [from Against the Grain]

10.Too Much Alcohol (J.B. Hutto) (1979)

11.Shin Kicker (1985) [from Photo-Finish]

12Philby(1985) [from Top Priority]


Rory Gallagher - Tore Down (Live At Montreux 1975)

Rory Gallagher - Off the Handle (Montreux 1979).

Shin Kicker (Live)